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Under the stars parties has been a long time coming for Sarah and myself. Growing up on the same street our childhood memories are full of playing out with our street gang, riding our bikes everywhere, starting mini clubs and of course many sleepovers where we played games, had midnight feasts, talked non stop and maybe got a few hours sleep!

This continued well into our teens and even our 20’s as we travelled to one another’s university houses and various houses that we rented.

As we got older we went our separate ways physically as Sarah moved to London to pursue her career and Laura moved to New Zealand to live and work. Even though living a long way apart, we still managed to visit one another and have our girly gossips whenever we could! Obviously as technology improved with various messaging apps and video calling we never felt like we were that far apart!

Fast forward 12 years and we have ended up living in the same village and with children of the same age. We have always discussed that we wanted to do something together and this is how we came to launch Under the Stars Parties. We want children to have magical childhoods where they have the chance to let their imagination run wild! Dream of being Pirates and Princesses and spend time with their friends making happy memories just like we have. Think of your magical childhood memories and let us help you to make some more for your own children.

We have many different themes to dress our tents with, so whatever your child is into, I am sure we can help. It doesn’t have to be a birthday, maybe just friends having fun or brothers and sisters hanging out! Leave it to us!

Sarah and Laura

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